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Updated 28 Nov 2023, by Davies&Young

Custom sections designed to uplift your storefront; one time purchase (full-implementation service), no recurring monthly-fees. From dynamic Dropdown- and Mega Menus on Mouseover to refined Collection Sliders, enhanced Collection Headers and revamped Collage Sections, we offer tailored solutions that transcend the limitations of the default Dawn theme.

Elevate your online presence with these innovative features, and enhance user engagement and visual appeal effortlessly. Discover the possibilities and transform your Shopify store into a unique and captivating digital destination. Explore our offers now!

1. Store Navigation: Show Dropdown- or Mega Menu on Mouseover


Elevate your Shopify Dawn theme store with our exclusive mouseover menu installation service, filling the void left by the default theme's absence of mouseover enabled dropdown and mega menus. Our service introduces a seamless submenu access, allowing users to effortlessly explore categories with a simple mouseover, minimizing clicks and maximizing user engagement.

Impactful Mega Menus

Dynamically showcasing collections, promotions, and featured items upon hover. Our expert team ensures a tailored integration into the Dawn theme, preserving its aesthetic appeal while significantly enhancing functionality. Ready to transform your store's navigation and provide visitors with an enhanced browsing experience? Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your Shopify store.

Mega Menu
Dropdown Menu

Revitalize your Shopify Dawn theme store by amplifying the impact of your collection sliders. While the default setup positions text below images, our enhancement elevates your visual storytelling by placing captivating text overlays directly atop the images. This not only enhances readability, contributes to visual diversity but also adds a modern, stylish flair to your collection showcases.

Custom Slider Navigation

Allowing you to align it precisely with your brand aesthetics. With our service, you have the flexibility to tailor every aspect of your collection sliders, creating a visually stunning and highly engaging shopping experience for your customers. Upgrade your storefront today and captivate your audience with a more dynamic and customizable presentation of your collections.

Bonus: Collage to Super-Hero


Transform the visual dynamics of your Shopify Dawn theme Collage section with our innovative enhancement. By default, the Collage layout features a grid with a large item on either side and two stacked images adjacent. However, our solution takes it a step further by repositioning the link text directly on top of the images. This not only imparts a sleek and contemporary aesthetic but also provides a more intuitive and interactive user experience.

A collection of enticing buttons

The reimagined layout is making navigation seamless and visually compelling. Elevate the design of your storefront effortlessly and captivate your audience with a Collage section that effortlessly combines form and function.

3. Collection Header: Image Banner Deluxe


Transform your Shopify collection pages with our customized headers. Elevate your brand by seamlessly integrating banner-type images in positions tailored to your preference — be it top, center, or bottom, and left, center, or right. Choose between full-page or 'content' width for a striking visual impact that aligns seamlessly with your brand.

The flexibility extends to the display of collection descriptions, either left-aligned or centered

This effortless customization empowers you to create a visually immersive and cohesive online store, turning each collection into a captivating journey for your customers. Tailor your Shopify store to your unique vision with ease.

Revitalize your Shopify Dawn theme and elevate your online store with our exclusive enhancements.

Transform the ordinary into extraordinary, offering a seamless and visually stunning shopping experience for your customers. Unleash the power of customization today!

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  • We build on top of Shopify's Reference-Theme Dawn; Real-world production code, tested by the masses! The starting point for almost every Custom Shopify Shop.
  • Not locked in; 99% of all Shopify developers code in Dawn. Start with the fundamentals, and fill it in over time.
  • How? We harness available resources and use efficient tools to super-speed things up, without compromising quality.


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Whether you prefer a bit of extra Shopify support, thorough help, or something in between.

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